Lucky Realty Co., Ltd Real Estate Service Company in Cambodia

Acted as Realtor, Lucky Realty real estate service company in Phnom Penh, Cambodia sells all kinds of property both in Phnom Penh and all the provinces such as Villas, Lands, Wooden houses, Flat houses, Buildings, Office spaces, Apartments, Condos, Hotel, Guesthouse, Farmlands,...

If you are the buyers you should use Lucky Realty's services to find your desired property because the company not simply just has own properties to offer to you but the company has all kinds of the property from partners and publish both in Phnom Penh and all other provinces to show you.


Real Estate Services:

Even though, a property owner looking to sell or rent the properties or a client who is looking to buy or rent a property, LUCKY Realty has extensive brokerage services to help reach your goal. Our specialties cover a wide range including sale/purchase and lease of all types of properties for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, investment and development purposes, within Phnom Penh and every provinces and towns across the country.


Customers Benefit:

 ▪ All customers no need to pay any commission fee when they bought a property through the company

▪ The customers can use company car as transportation when they go to check the properties with free of charge

▪ The company provides free consultancy services

▪ The customers have chance to negotiate directly with property owners

▪ The company will stand as the neutral witness for any later property argument or issue caused by buying and selling

If you have properties willing to sell you can contact Lucky Realty company help you to sell it. Lucky Realty has strong strategies and marketing activities in order to find customers. Out of company, the agent tries to contact customers the company has media tool such as properties magazine called Cambodia real estate guide, website.  accompany with other marketing activities.


Properties Owner Benefit:

 ▪ Free listing on most popular magazines

 ▪ Share and boost your property on the top social networking

 ▪ Cambodia real estate guide and on our company website and the other potential advertising website

 ▪ The company will stand as the neutral witness for any later property argument or issue caused by buying and selling


Term & Commission Fee:

As other real estate agents in Cambodia, sales commission fee or real estate service fee for property sold through the company is 3% (three percent) of the agreed sales price. The commission is paid by the property owners.



LUCKY REALTY CO., LTD - Real Estate in Cambodia

No. 39E0, Street Preah Norodom, Sangkat Phsa Thmey III, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh

Mobile: +85512 789 585 | +855 93 77 81 81

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